Often asked: Como Conseguir Surf En Pokemon Light Platinum?

How do you get hm surf in Pokemon Platinum?

In short, HM03 Surf is found in Celestic Town after the player defeats the Galactic boss, Cyrus. Cynthia’s grandmother will give it to the player inside the ruins.

Where do u get lava surf in light platinum?

Mountain located between Enermy Town and Route 411 / Groment City. You can go through the pass under the mountain if you have a pokémon that can use Lava Surf.

How do you get rock climb in Pokemon Light Platinum?

On Route 217, there is a house with a hiker inside. Talk to him, and he says he has lost his HM outside in the blizzard. Go back out, the HM is Rock Climb and it’s behind the house. Go back in and talk to him again.

Do you need surf in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, you do need a pokémon to know to complete the main story.

Where is surf in Renegade Platinum?


  • Go to the old town that has the cave panting of Palkia and Dealga on the wall.
  • Celestic town shrine after defeating Cyrus and galactic grunt.Talk to the elder and she gives it to you.
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Is Lava Surf physical or special?

Lava Surf

Type Fire
Category Special
Power 90
Accuracy 80%
PP 15 (max. 24)


What Pokemon can learn rock climb platinum?

Bibarel is probably the best travel pokemon there is, as it can learn Rock Smash, Cut, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Rock Climb.

Where is strength platinum?

Snorlax moves large boulders out of the way. Most likely, you will have a water pokemon on your team. Go to Iron Island and talk to the guy named Riley, then he will give you HM Strength.

Where is rock climb platinum?

Coronet, right? On the way, on Rt. 217, use find a house with an Item ball just North of it. Grab that, and HM 08, Rock Climb is yours!

What is the best starter Pokemon in light platinum?

Here we go, Infernape: The best starter in these games. Fire type pokemon are rare in pokémon Platinum, even more in D/P.

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